Dutch Climate Envoy urged Hasina for menaingful Youth Participation & Green Recovery

We Are Tomorrow Partnership

প্রকাশিত: ৭:৫৫ অপরাহ্ণ, জুন ১৯, ২০২০ | আপডেট: ৭:১৫:অপরাহ্ণ, জুন ২০, ২০২০

Admiring Bangladesh’s omnipotent leadership in the global movement to climate justice, The Netherland’s climate ambassador Marcel Beukeboom urged to Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina for significant youth participation in climate policies towards green recovery from COVID19 Pandemic.

Climate Envoy Marcel Beukeboom is the lead climate diplomat in the Netherlands. Beukeboom made the call Friday (19 June) as the guest of honor on an online meeting with We Are Tomorrow Global Partnership hosted by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.















Beukeboom stated, ‘Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is very active in the global negotiation on behalf’s climate-vulnerable countries. She also made a public commitment on last September to open a regional office in Dhaka of Global Adaption Center (GCA) hosted by the Netherlands. Specifically, the GCA office will also assist Bangladesh with the implementation of the Delta Plan 2100’.


“We have many scopes to support Bangladesh on green recovery from the COVID19 pandemic. I want to send a message to her, open the door for young people’s meaningful participation towards more inclusive policymaking. Climate Action is a common good. We can tackle the climate crisis through global cooperation amidst pandemic,” Beukeboom added.


Young climate leaders from Bangladesh, Chili, Egypt, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Qatar, South Africa & Uganda have joined the online conference and supported the call from Beukeboom along with some delegates from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Business & climate and the department of inclusive green growth. All young representatives highlighted their nation’s situation and how together they can internationally recover from the COVID19 crisis in sustainable ways in the call.

Otherhand, UK  COP26 Ambassador for Asia/ Pacific and South Asia Ken O’Flaherty said in a tweet message, ‘We are clear that the voice of young people from around the world is proven, a powerful catalyst for change. Governments must listen to their call for urgent action. I look forward to supporting such voices in my own engagement across the Asia-Pacific region’, Ken told.

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