Rohingya’s problem China-Russia-India are involved

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Rohingya’s problem China-Russia-India are involved China-Russia and India’s interests are involved with on-going Rohingya issue commented that Writer, journalist and columnist Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury. He commented on the bangladeshi photo journalist fojit sheikh babu`s photo exhibition titled Who are the New ‘Boat People?’ In the slogan “Please help for Rohingya” Seminar organised by Shilpaka Academy London in east London yesterday (June 8th). In the speech of the chief guest, Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury said, “The people are really no longer the heart about the Rohingyas! Because, since 1978, barbarous torture is going on one side after one Rohingya. People are unaware of seeing it. Frozen today, Fojit Sheikh Babu has tried to show anything through his film, which will actually make the heart. This Rohingya problem can be addressed only by countries where Russia, America, China and India are allowed to operate in the world. But do not know why? They are trying to run Rohingyas from Myanmar (Arakan State) there. Their interests are involved with this. He also said that one of the Rohingya among the oppressed minorities in the world. Earlier, many ethnic groups were tortured in many countries of the world but again they were judged in the international court through a fair investigation. But it is a matter of surprise that the Rohingya community has been tortured one after the other but it has not been tried! We cannot even see any initiative of trial. He said now Bangladesh is the most affected and victim country in Rohingya problem. The problem arose in Bangladesh when Rohingya torture started. Bangladesh has repeatedly provided shelter for the sake of maternity status, but it is impossible for a country like Bangladesh to take their responsibilities for a long time. So I will call upon the powerful nations of the world to come forward to solve the problem of Rohingya. Let’s put pressure on Myanmar. Keynote speaker Taslim Shakur said, “In fact, Rohingya is a nation with no guardian! There is no place for those who do not have parental status. If  you do not see the persecution of the Rohingya community over and over again, but this problem is not hardly coming forward. Whenever Rohingyas are being tortured, the United Nations, UNICEF, and various organizations and countries are responsible for their statements through statements and protests. But talking about its permanent settlement, there is no one at work. To save this ethnicity, now World community will have to come forward. Humanity will have to win Myanmar must be suppressed. Dr. Rahman Zilani presided over and Program has been presented by Dr.Shampa Dewan Director of shilpakala Academy London   The meeting was also attended by Bangabandhu Parishad All European Union General Secretary Faizul Islam. At the end of discussion, the 4-day exhibition cut the opening ceremony, including Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury. The exhibition will end on 11 June. Later, they looked around the exhibition. Note, that the main objective of this exhibition is to create world opinion on Rohingyas fleeing Bangladesh in Burma, Burma, Rape, Genocide and eviction in Myanmar’s Rakhine region. Photography exhibition by Fojit Sheikh Babu in the United Kingdom’s Edge Hill University is also going on for the same demand. Which will continue till June 14.

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