Women Are More Jealous towards cheating Facebook Messages

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According to a recent study, men felt more uncomfortable when they read messages in social media which exposed their partners’ sexual post than emotional infidelity. However, women were more upset than men in response to emotional messages.

This study showed that most of the girls got jealous than men whenever they read an unfaithful message from their partner. In UK, the researchers of Cardiff Metropolitan University observed that when people found questionable messages in social media accounts, it clearly expressed the jealousy between the partners.

They took 21 male and 23 female undergraduate students for an experiment. They wanted to test it with imaginary facebook messages which showed that their partner had been either emotionally or sexually unfaithful. Two of the eight short messages were:

“You must be my soulmate! Feel so connected to you, even though we haven’t slept together,” (Emotional infidelity) and “You must be the best one-night stand I’ve ever had,” (Sexual infidelity) were shown to the contestants. These messages were either sent by the contestant’s partner or it came from someone else.

For these questions participants had to rate how distressed they were. Researchers found women were more upset than men in response to emotional messages. They also noticed that they were more upset when a potential rival had written the messages rather than when their own partner had send those messages.

However, the opposite response came from men. They appeared to be more upset by imagining their partner sending rather than receiving an infidelity-revealing message.

This was the research and study about the jealousy between male and female towards cheating partner.

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