The first MP in Canada is Bangladeshi Dolly

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Canadian-born Doli Begum of Canada’s provincial parliamentary election won the Bangladeshi-born Doli Begum. In the Thursday election, he won 19 seats and won 75 votes from Scarborough South West. News: Toronto Star Through this victory, the daughter of Moulvibazar, Doli Begum, ended the Liberal Party’s long 15-year rule.

New party candidate for Democratic Party (NDP) Dolly Begum made a tough contest with the candidate of the PC candidate, Gary Ellis, he got 13 thousand 592 votes.

And the Liberal Party’s candidate, Lorenzo Bardinete, who won the seat since 2003, has won 8,215 votes.

Former chairman of Monumukh union of Sadar upazila of Moulvibazar district. Sujon Mia’s granddaughter.

Prior to this, Bangladeshi RUSNARAARA Ali in UK, Rupali Huq’s granddaughter Tulip Razwana Siddique MP was elected.

Saira Khan in Norway and Bangladeshi Abul Hussain became MP in Malaysia a few days ago Doli Begum’s name was added to their queue.

It is to be noted that earlier, Indian, Pakistani, Afghan Women MPs were elected in Canada. However, no one has ever been a Bangladeshi. This time, as a Bangladeshi, she wrote her name in Canadian Parliament, Dolly Begum.

1,10,20,80 people live in Scarborough Southwest. Dolly Begum came to Canada with her parents and younger brother at the age of childhood. Most of the time he spent in Scarborough.

Dolly Begum served as the chief coordinator of climate campaign across the state. He is also the Vice-Chair of the Warden Woods Community Center in addition to Swabborough’s Health Coordinator